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Your smile is what saved me ~

NaruHina ;D


:iconwelcomesignplz: :iconwelcomesignplz: :iconwelcomesignplz: :iconwelcomesignplz:

:iconpervynarutoplz:To NaruHina For Canon:iconpervyhinataplz:
this group is for those who support naruhina
and that will like/love to see it become canon in the series. here you may submit your art.

How To Join
You must like/love naruhina. Click the join Button that says"Join our group" and wait until i or one of the Co-founders accepted you ^^

try submitting to the right folder if u don't know which one then submit to featured. no anti naruhina allow try to get alone ^_^ oh if you wanna leave the group go head but am have to remove your work sorry :\

Just Send us a request ^^ and wait until it accepted. we affiliate with any group accept Anti naruhina.

if there any problem with haters art theif,joining submitting or anything please contact me.

Wanna help the group stay super donate help us naruhinauntiltheend2.deviantar… :3

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Why We support Naruhina



~Other Naruhina Groups~

we accept any accept anti naruhina/ naruto/hinata


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hey guys NaruHina fan here I made an amv for them here's the link hope you like it…
Cinderella1316 Jan 6, 2014  Student General Artist
Hello there! Please comment at here. Itīd really means a lot to me. Thanks and have a nice day :iconsmile-luplz:


Dear affiliate!:D

Our group #GaaraMatsu is holding a contest. If you please could advertise our contest in your group we would be very grateful :)


Contest theme: Matsuri as the female Kazekage and Gaara as her fanboy

End date: February 28th, 2014

Note: Everyone can participate, not only group members

Prizes: Everyone who enters the contest will get 100 points. The main prize includes premium membership, points, and fanart requests

More info: link

Thank so much for your help!!

If you ever need us to advertise your events, don't hesitate to send us a message.

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NARUHINA. You know I always knew that this couple will be canon. After all, Hinata was the one who saved him more than anyone else we know. NaruHina is here to stay!Happy Emote (updated version) 
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hey there! i have a piece i'd like to submit but i don't know if you guys take NSFW drawings...please let me know! thanks in advance!
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OtakaraAminelli Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm pretty sure NaruHina will become cannon. :3 And I would LOVE to see's my OTP :heart:
Oye22 Apr 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
i have a fanfic (im also gonna join) it's SOLELY naruhina (with a little somewhat one-sided kibahina bro/sis affection)
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Hi there! I have a question regarding fanfics. First off let me tell you I'm a proud supporter of Naruhina and I have made a Naruhina fanfic, but the main topic of the story is my Uzumaki OC trying to recruit Naruto into the Uzumaki Clan, which is trying to be revived. Like I said it is a Naruhina fanfic, but it's mainly an Uzumaki Clan fanfic, but it also has a good connection with the Hyuga Clan as well.

My question is, is it okay for me to post it here? :iconbowplz:
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